Modern Sporting Rifle Class 
Cost is $150.00 for this 1-day, 8 hour class.

Introduction to the Modern Sporting Rifle.

The Modern Sporting Rifle, is now the most popular rifle type purchased every year in the United States. Many people fail to understand or appreciate these rifle's history, functionality, versatility and the overall enjoyment of shooting.

The AR-15 rifle is an inexpensive, highly customizable rifle platform that offers something for every shooter no matter their experience level. While this class is designed around the AR-15 type rifles, any type of MSR is acceptable, (AK-47, SKS, H&K variants, FN-Fal etc.)

This class provides the Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) user or beginner with the information, training and skills to safely and confidently use a MSR. The class will consist of 2 separate sections. The first half will be classroom instruction with emphasis on:

Safety Rules and procedures for proper firearm handling
Types of MSRs and common nomenclature. Differences between various types and brands
Accessories for the Modern Sporting Rifle
Loading, unloading and verifying condition of the weapon
Stance, grip, trigger press, sight alignment and picture, breath control and handling recoil
Discussion of ballistics and function of various ammunition types
Care and cleaning of the Modern Sporting Rifle

​The second half of the day will be spent outside at a local private range where instructors will assist the student’s utilize the classroom training they received on a live fire range with emphasis on:

Range safety, muzzle awareness and trigger finger awareness
Loading, unloading and checking weapon status
Stance, grip, trigger press, sight alignment/picture, breath control and handling recoil to maximize accuracy
Malfunction awareness and clearing
Accuracy, utilizing a variety of shooting drills
Close quarter carry and shooting at distance, (100 yards)