This 3 hour class meets the states requirements for a current Concealed Carry License holder to renew their license for another 5 years.

The first two hours will cover any changes to the Illinois Concealed Carry Act along with a review of:

  • Use of Force in Illinois
  • The Illinois Concealed Carry Act
  • The FOID Card Act
  • Unlawful Use of Weapons regulations in Illinois
  • Firearm Safety

After the 2 hour classroom portion is completed, students will need to shoot the state mandated qualification course again, achieving a minimum score of 70% on the standard B-27 target from the following:

  • 5   Yards - 10 shots
  • 7   Yards - 10 shots
  • 10 Yards - 10 shots

Students will need to bring a functioning Firearm and 60 rounds of ammunition to the class.

Qualification shoot will be outside so be prepared for weather!

Cost is $75


Illinois Concealed Carry Renewal Class